Wednesday, September 24, 2008

...happy day to me...

It was my birthday on Sunday...It was a great birthday weekend. Wednesday night my girls surprised me with a poster and cake....they sang so loud, it was a blast! On Friday my amazing mother came and we had a girls day full of eating, shopping, and more eating. I love her and always love spending time with her. I had a football halftime in Draper and rushed back to East High School where I got to learn a very cute routine from an amazing choreographer named Ricky. He is from New York and dances on Broadway and choreographs many many things...he rocks:)On Saturday my mom and Ryan came back to SLC and took me and Brandon out for my birthday. We went to ACME burger co. which I LOVE!! I think I like the fun. After we ate (we had to ask the hostess if we could watch the Utah vs Air Force Game for Brand and Ryan) we sat and talked and waited for it to stop raining and went and I made everyone go and see IGOR...I really have no comment on the movie, it was neither good nor bad:) I had so much fun spending all our time together, I really missed my grandma but she is off enjoying herself in Ireland:) LUCKY Finally, Brandon spoiled me with an amazing massage (it was a couples massage, so much fun) and a nice dinner at Biaggi's. It was an incredible weekend. I have the best family. Thank you to everyone who sent me texts and called...I LOVE YOU ALL:)

Saturday, September 20, 2008, blue, and peace...

Last night was the Juan Diego vs. Judge game. They are HUGE rivals...I love love love rivalry games. My girls informed me that there was an expected 5,000 people attending the game. It was PACKED not 5,000 packed, but it was pretty darn full. They started a new tradition that they will continue to do at pre-game every JD, Judge game. What they did was they had Blue banners representing Juan Diego, Red banners representing Judge. My girls carried out the blue and red banners and some of my other girls carried out White banners which represented Peace and they tied them around the blue and red representing Unity. I thought it turned out very cool. The Judge cheerleaders presented jerseys from each school that had been cut and sewn together to each principals. It was very nice:) And my girls did and awesome job at halftime as well!!!

The past couple of weeks has been very fun. I am trying to enjoy my freedom a bit until I start working on September 29...soon my life will literally be owned by the state and I actually will be starting my career (ha ha do I know what I want to be when I grow up...NO WAY). Since Brandon started school I feel like I never see him. I have dance on Monday nights, Drill Practice on Wednesday nights and of course Brandon has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays...the two nights I have nothing. However, I am very proud of him and love him so so much...even if his school schedule does not work with mine:) So here is some randomness that has gone on...
Our good friend Tolley headed out on a new adventure to Washington D.C. before he left we went out to dinner and watched Prison Break. Unexpectedly, who do you know comes in to enjoy a little prison break....none other than Senator John McCain A.K.A Tolley:) Is that mask not the scariest thing in the world?!? We all miss Tolley and hopefully can a plan a trip out there soon.
I love my friends and family!! Last week I was able to go to lunch with my awesome sister in law Rachel. We always have lots of fun together!! And last but not least I went and had my hair colored with Amy. We have so so much history together and I just love her!!My newest adventure in our house was to paint our bedroom. I like taking some risk when it comes to paint (have you seen my front room, stripes really?). So I told Brandon what I would like to do and he taped if off for me. I tried to tape it but my lines were ridiculous:) So we added some blue paint just three feet down from the ceiling. I think it turned out pretty I just need to decorate it:)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was hesitant about expressing my love for freedom today because I love it everyday. This day just seemed fitting and one of the most incredible feelings I have ever had happened right after 9.11.2001. I don't know if I will fully ever understand what it means to be free just because I know nothing but freedom, but I do know that it means the WORLD to me and I do know that I admire those who fight everyday for our freedom... they are true heroes.

So onward with my story:) I am a HUGE HUGE sap and like I said in a previous post (Olympic glory) I live for moments like these. I was a junior in high school during 9.11 and after the attacks (from what I can was 7 years ago) everyone was kind of trying to put life on hold. I remember (I want to say it possibly was homecoming week, but I could be wrong) that our high school was debating having the football game that week. Of course we thought that was ridiculous, we (being the young high school students that we were) thought this is the best time for us to come together as a community. I am sure that it was debated back and forth, but it happened and we had a game on September 14. I don't remember who we played, what the score was, if we won, how halftime went, but I do remember this...I remember our stands on both sides of Ferguson Field being full, I remember our football team and the opposing football team lining each end zone, I remember color guard presenting the flag on the 50 yard line, I remember standing next to my Rockette Team, I remember the cheerleaders on the opposite side, I remember one of my Rockette sisters and a cheerleader singing the national anthem, I remember the moment of silence where you could have heard a pin drop, and I remember the roar of the crowd cheering for our freedom when the presentation was all done. In all of the football/basketball games I have danced at I have never experienced unity like that and to this moment I can remember that feeling pretty clearly give or take some stuff. I know it may not sound that amazing, but if you were there it really was:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

...the verdict is in...

I was quite skeptical with a new 90210 coming....but I LOVE LOVE the new 90210!! Random I know but I just got done watching last night's episode:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

...peach days, utah football, goodbyes, and home...

I absolutely LOVE going home!! Today I am dealing with the homesickness that I experience when I have been there for more than one I am dealing:) Brandon and I had quite the busy weekend.

Thursday: I started the morning out bright and early at 5 a.m. to go and enjoy practice:) After practice I headed out to see my cute Chelsea where I wished her all the luck for her 10 day trip with her family. I headed to the LBC from there where I helped my grandma update her front room (mind you I am not a decorator), once my mom got home from work we went to Taco Time and then off to the Peach Queen Pageant (no comment). My mom and I always go to the of my favorite Peach Days traditions:) I was so happy I ran into some old high school friends and I got to see my favorite Lindsey and her cutest little baby bump...I miss that girl like crazy!! I am sad I left my camera:(
Friday: Got up and went to breakfast with my grandma headed back to her place got ready and drove back to SLC for a little going away party for Tolley (we will miss him like crazy) It was fun to hang out with all of Brandon's friends that have been so nice and taken me in like I was one of them:) I was going to drive back to the LBC but decided I would rather get up early and head out, hoping I would not miss the Peach Days parade.Saturday: Woke up really early and headed home once again (everything that I get ready with was early rising it was). My mom, Ryan, my "G", and myself headed out to the PD parade...we were all excited (Brandon had class Saturday morning). After the parade we headed off to the bleachers to watch the people. Finally Brandon got there and we ventured off to find some lunch...I swear I have never seen PD so packed before. Ryan left us and headed up to the Utah game and we walked down to the car show. Brandon's friend that held the Christopher Reeves car show entered his car:) but we couldn't find him anywhere...can you believe they had 908 cars!! That is incredible:) After we walked through the car show we headed into Idle Isle for some dinner. We watched Infinity dance and talked with many friends that we have not seen in some them all. Brandon oh so subtly stated he would like to watch the Utah game (miss Peach Days?? come on now) so we went and watched the 3rd and some of the 4th quarter...I love Utah, so I guess it was ok, besides they put UNLV to shame:) Headed back to PD where Brandon and I rode the Zipper...seriously I think I am getting old. After we were down I felt so sick to my stomach....I missed my Amy girl on the ride (we were hoping to meet up, but it was busy). And basically that was Peach Days in a nutshell...I cannot believe another year is come and gone. I absolutely love it and would never miss it. I am so glad that Brandon could come and enjoy it and take a little piece of Brigham with him:)
Sunday: We headed to our home:( Brandon and I had separate vehicles and this is what I got to watch as we drove home....I don't enjoy watching him ride his bike because it scares me to death ( I realize not the safest thing taking pictures on the freeway)

Friday, September 5, 2008

...i have been waiting...

I have been waiting to post about my amazing friends Tawny & Kortney. I have had to let my emotions sink in a bit before I could write about them... TK & Totey just recently up and moved to Corvallis, Oregon (no idea on spelling of the city). We have all been through a lot together and yet we are still as close as ever. We have had our typical ups and downs, but once we realize we couldn't survive without one another everything seems to work itself out. I would do anything for these girls and they are my sisters.

Kortney- I have known Kort since she was in her mothers womb:) (we are about 6 months a part). Her family is mine and mine is hers. We have been hanging out since we were little tykes always running a muck. I used to read to Kortney and she used to entertain me with amazing renditions of Future Rockette cheers...Can I hear...I SAID A BOOM CHICK A BOOM!! I spent every weekend of my intermediate, middle school, most of high school days at Korts house, sitting back sippin' on some Diet Coke, lemon juice, and a frequent Friday night delivery of Domino's. Those were the days. My best memories have always been with her and our amazing group of buddies. We have all gone in our different directions, but we all know that we have a special bond and although we don't talk to some or see each other as much the bond cannot be broken. Kort and I have had our share of ups and downs, but she knows whatever our current situation is I am always there for her. I don't know what my life would be like without my little spunky, f-word saying red head. Its funny really, I think I know Kort better than I know myself at times...I can read her like a book. Our personalities are nowhere near each we honestly compliment one another:) Kortney is a beautiful person who is complex and sticks to her guns. She is stubborn as hell, but that is what makes her, her...I love her to pieces!!
My Tawny Jean- I believe Tawny and I officially met in sixth grade. I knew that she was a big time dancer, so in my heart of hearts I knew we were meant to be:) Tawny is the one person that has taught me what loyalty truly is. This girl would bend over backwards for her family and friends. She always puts others before herself. I admire, look up to , and strive to be like Tawny. I have danced with Tawny from about sixth grade on up to college and this girl is so graceful and talented that she stops me in my tracks. Tawny and I have a very unique relationship; we can be out of control and put on some killer music and literally dance to 20 something tracks in a row, we can go for car rides where we don't say a word and that is the most relaxing thing, we can look at each other and understand, we can always cry to one another, and man can she make me feel better when I am upset. Thank you for always taking care of me and the rest of the world TK hey ho:) Love you!!!

I wish them the best of luck and when I have a job and have some better believe I am coming up there to rock Oregon!!! The picture below was our last Utah trio picture. It was after one of the longest days of my life...moving them, well Kortney, bless her heart she had the most stuff:)


So I married into a family of hard core jeepers...that's right:) They build them up just to run em' into rocks, ledges, whatever you can imagine. I have known Brandon going on three years now (give or take him not talking to me for some months) The first time I went to Moab was to go jeeping, his family goes about 2,3,4 times a year...I am a brat and I have been to Moab only 3 times...This past Labor Day being my lucky number 3. I have driven Brandon's jeep before on a trail, but I was always a chicken and lasted like 2 min. but this trip I drove quite a bit and was very proud to climb rocks and what not in the dark of night. What I like about jeeping is seeing how excited Brandon gets, that what makes me have a love for it:) It is fun, I can only take the fun for about 3 hours though, but non the less it is quite an adventure and I really had a ton of fun over the Labor Day weekend, except that my favorite sister in law couldn't come:( Next time Rach (however that may be next Labor Day for me)!!

Brandon has an incredible family which I love very much!! I am very thankful that they have taken me in when I am not a big camper or jeeper...!! They are awesome and I so happy to be a part of their family:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

...i couldn't resist...

Ok, I am hoping that this is ok:) (Brody you just let me know if this is a no, no) I am just so excited about the pictures that Brody did for us (these are the pictures I made Brandon get back in his suit). I have been going through the hundreds that he took to pick out the ones I want to buy and it is so hard...I want them ALL. He posted some on his blog, so I kind of stole them so I could show them off on ours...Brody does such and AMAZING job, I am so happy with the outcome:) He captures everything and is an amazing photographer and above all an amazing person!! Here they are...(sorry for my excitement)