Monday, December 22, 2008

...not one, two, three, but FOUR...

I guess it is Brandon and I that will be experiencing FOUR Christmas's (do I double up that S??) I am so excited to celebrate it that many times...Christmas should be EVERYDAY!! I love being around everyone:)

Christmas #1: Brandon and I are so blessed to have such amazing families!! Last night we had Brandon's family Christmas because we are heading out to New Jersey and Brandon's brother and his wife are heading to Idaho. I am bummed, I had my camera and then I kind of spaced taking lots of pictures:( Brandon's family SPOILED us rotten!!! Thank you so much for an amazing dinner and all of the wonderful things that you gave us, we are so lucky:)
Christmas #2 Once we got home from Brandon's parents house we decided to do our Christmas. We opened up our cute socks. Brandon was so so cute...I have been needing another pair of Nike Shox, but they are so dang expensive...anywho Brandon designed some Nike ID's for me! I can't get over how cute they are, they even have "Meg" on them. Thank you so much love love your guts. Brandon and I spoiled each other with fun gifts; motorcycle boots, a chi straightener, coats, movies, a camcorder, clothes, etc SPOILED...

Christmas #3 and #4 will be coming soon.

We wish everyone a very safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

...great family & good friends...

Oh...after passing out at Brandon's work I was about to call it a day and hide for a couple days:) The past couple of weeks have been really hard! Due to the stress that I have put myself through I have decided to leave my job with the State...I have never been happier:) This is the first time in the last almost 6 months that I have felt like myself again:) I am so thankful for Brandon and my family. They continuously supported me and guided me through the last 6 months, working for DCFS is not an easy job and admire those that continue to push through it and fight for the children...I hate quitting, but I feel with every inch of me that it was the best decision!!!
On to the positive...We have the best families ever and amazing friends!! The day before my girls competition my mom and grandma came out and stayed so they could sit all day long and watch the girls dance (MUAH thank you). So on Friday night we hit up Zoo Lights, which was so so cute!! I was nervous when we pulled in because there were so many cars, but it was so open inside you were able to see every lights!! I love Zoo Lights and I am so happy we found a new tradition:)We were able to get with a few friends and have a little dinner, a little Step Brother action, and some cookie decorating. It was so fun...thanks Nat for letting us come over and play:)

...tis the season, for COMPETITION...

Juan Diego parents are AWESOME!! They put together such a fun Christmas Party for the girls. Those girls got so so spoiled...also thank you so much CHELSEA the sweatshirts are amazing!! We love them:)

So my cute cute girls had their first competition a week ago. They did such an amazing job!! These girls have been so through much in the last 6 months. I am so proud of them for sticking it through and becoming a team:) It was the first time competing for the majority of the girls. Great Job Ladies:)

Friday, December 12, 2008

...ha ha seriously...

Dear Body,

I know that you are extremely TIRED and WORN-Out

but was it necessary to fall to the ground (a.k.a. completely pass out) and awake on my


after having my finger PRICKED!!!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

...hit me baby one more time..

As of 10:28 this morning

I am a proud owner of

tickets to


Thanks Nat...I can't wait. I hope April comes quickly:)

...tis the season...

Brandon and I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to be surrounded by the extraordinary people in my life:) I was so so dumb and forgot my camera for all of our Thanksgiving Festivities. We had such a great week of Thanksgiving...we went to four movies in seven days:
Bolt----LOVED IT!! So cute!! I am sure having John Travolta in it helped me out a little:)
Burn After Reading----um...not sure. kind of a different show
Twilight----I know I am going against everyone, but I wasn't that into it really.
Four Christmas----Or whatever it was called. Unfortunately all of the funny parts where in the previews.

Don't think I am a Scrooge for dissing on some of the movies. I LOVE movies and even if they are terrible I still enjoy myself thoroughly. Tawny was home for the holidays and we all went out to I love my friends, they are the BEST!!
We spent Thanksgiving Day with Brandon's family and ate so much delicious food:) We headed to Brigham Friday and ate another delicious Thanksgiving Feast, hung out, and headed to the movies. I love spending time with our cute families...simply the best!!

Saturday when we got home from Brigham we began the festivities of putting up our tree. This tree has much tradition to me. It was my grandparents then it was passed down to me and my mom and now it stands so cute in our house:)

...go Brandon and go UTAH...

Brandon works for such an amazing company. He really loves working there and I love that he loves working there. Brandon was nominated to attend the future leaders training. It lasted a week and then I was invited to a dinner on the final day. They brought in the most incredible speaker. He really put time and life into perspective for me. I am so proud of Brandon and all of his hard work EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I love you!!!


...the most DISGUSTING thing in the world and the most BEAUTIFUL thing in the world...

I have to apologize up front because I catch up a month's worth of stuff in one day:)

So a few weeks ago I headed up to Brigham for Dani's baby shower...that is the most beautiful thing in the world!! I am so truly happy for her and love her like crazy. I can't wait to meet her cute baby boy:)
The most disgusting thing took place at the after party at my grandmas house. Since I was a little girl I have had problems with my ears. The wax pretty much quadruples basically I have TONS of wax in my ears. My grandma found these candles that, I guess, suck the wax up into the candle. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done...I know I am kind of gross for saying that. But after 24 years of having high pressured water squirted into my ear to release wax...this candle was AWESOME!! So warning to you all...the pictures I am about to expose are quite gross, but hilarious. I went through 3 candles on each ear, I would have done more but my ears were getting sore!!