Monday, December 22, 2008

...not one, two, three, but FOUR...

I guess it is Brandon and I that will be experiencing FOUR Christmas's (do I double up that S??) I am so excited to celebrate it that many times...Christmas should be EVERYDAY!! I love being around everyone:)

Christmas #1: Brandon and I are so blessed to have such amazing families!! Last night we had Brandon's family Christmas because we are heading out to New Jersey and Brandon's brother and his wife are heading to Idaho. I am bummed, I had my camera and then I kind of spaced taking lots of pictures:( Brandon's family SPOILED us rotten!!! Thank you so much for an amazing dinner and all of the wonderful things that you gave us, we are so lucky:)
Christmas #2 Once we got home from Brandon's parents house we decided to do our Christmas. We opened up our cute socks. Brandon was so so cute...I have been needing another pair of Nike Shox, but they are so dang expensive...anywho Brandon designed some Nike ID's for me! I can't get over how cute they are, they even have "Meg" on them. Thank you so much love love your guts. Brandon and I spoiled each other with fun gifts; motorcycle boots, a chi straightener, coats, movies, a camcorder, clothes, etc SPOILED...

Christmas #3 and #4 will be coming soon.

We wish everyone a very safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

...great family & good friends...

Oh...after passing out at Brandon's work I was about to call it a day and hide for a couple days:) The past couple of weeks have been really hard! Due to the stress that I have put myself through I have decided to leave my job with the State...I have never been happier:) This is the first time in the last almost 6 months that I have felt like myself again:) I am so thankful for Brandon and my family. They continuously supported me and guided me through the last 6 months, working for DCFS is not an easy job and admire those that continue to push through it and fight for the children...I hate quitting, but I feel with every inch of me that it was the best decision!!!
On to the positive...We have the best families ever and amazing friends!! The day before my girls competition my mom and grandma came out and stayed so they could sit all day long and watch the girls dance (MUAH thank you). So on Friday night we hit up Zoo Lights, which was so so cute!! I was nervous when we pulled in because there were so many cars, but it was so open inside you were able to see every lights!! I love Zoo Lights and I am so happy we found a new tradition:)We were able to get with a few friends and have a little dinner, a little Step Brother action, and some cookie decorating. It was so fun...thanks Nat for letting us come over and play:)

...tis the season, for COMPETITION...

Juan Diego parents are AWESOME!! They put together such a fun Christmas Party for the girls. Those girls got so so spoiled...also thank you so much CHELSEA the sweatshirts are amazing!! We love them:)

So my cute cute girls had their first competition a week ago. They did such an amazing job!! These girls have been so through much in the last 6 months. I am so proud of them for sticking it through and becoming a team:) It was the first time competing for the majority of the girls. Great Job Ladies:)

Friday, December 12, 2008

...ha ha seriously...

Dear Body,

I know that you are extremely TIRED and WORN-Out

but was it necessary to fall to the ground (a.k.a. completely pass out) and awake on my


after having my finger PRICKED!!!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

...hit me baby one more time..

As of 10:28 this morning

I am a proud owner of

tickets to


Thanks Nat...I can't wait. I hope April comes quickly:)

...tis the season...

Brandon and I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to be surrounded by the extraordinary people in my life:) I was so so dumb and forgot my camera for all of our Thanksgiving Festivities. We had such a great week of Thanksgiving...we went to four movies in seven days:
Bolt----LOVED IT!! So cute!! I am sure having John Travolta in it helped me out a little:)
Burn After Reading----um...not sure. kind of a different show
Twilight----I know I am going against everyone, but I wasn't that into it really.
Four Christmas----Or whatever it was called. Unfortunately all of the funny parts where in the previews.

Don't think I am a Scrooge for dissing on some of the movies. I LOVE movies and even if they are terrible I still enjoy myself thoroughly. Tawny was home for the holidays and we all went out to I love my friends, they are the BEST!!
We spent Thanksgiving Day with Brandon's family and ate so much delicious food:) We headed to Brigham Friday and ate another delicious Thanksgiving Feast, hung out, and headed to the movies. I love spending time with our cute families...simply the best!!

Saturday when we got home from Brigham we began the festivities of putting up our tree. This tree has much tradition to me. It was my grandparents then it was passed down to me and my mom and now it stands so cute in our house:)

...go Brandon and go UTAH...

Brandon works for such an amazing company. He really loves working there and I love that he loves working there. Brandon was nominated to attend the future leaders training. It lasted a week and then I was invited to a dinner on the final day. They brought in the most incredible speaker. He really put time and life into perspective for me. I am so proud of Brandon and all of his hard work EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I love you!!!


...the most DISGUSTING thing in the world and the most BEAUTIFUL thing in the world...

I have to apologize up front because I catch up a month's worth of stuff in one day:)

So a few weeks ago I headed up to Brigham for Dani's baby shower...that is the most beautiful thing in the world!! I am so truly happy for her and love her like crazy. I can't wait to meet her cute baby boy:)
The most disgusting thing took place at the after party at my grandmas house. Since I was a little girl I have had problems with my ears. The wax pretty much quadruples basically I have TONS of wax in my ears. My grandma found these candles that, I guess, suck the wax up into the candle. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done...I know I am kind of gross for saying that. But after 24 years of having high pressured water squirted into my ear to release wax...this candle was AWESOME!! So warning to you all...the pictures I am about to expose are quite gross, but hilarious. I went through 3 candles on each ear, I would have done more but my ears were getting sore!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

...what a weekend...

The UTES kicked BYU's behind and....drum roll please

CHRIS BROWN won Artist of the Year...he is my favorite:)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

...freaked out...

Just got done watching the news...some stuff about blogging came on and kind of scared me. I am probably going private...please hit me up with your e-mails:)



This is Historic...
No matter who you are voting for...
Change is in order!!!


...HALLOWEEN 2008...

Before Halloween I went to Thriller with some old Crimson Line I LOVE them and miss their guts!! We had so much fun catching up at The Pie before we hit the show up. It was so much better this year, so I was very happy...I think it is because Eldon was dancing...he ROCKS!! Love you girls...thanks for so much fun and Em, thanks for the getting the tickets:)
So Halloween 2008 was pretty fun!! We had a good time with good friends!! On Halloween I had a football playoff game...which they won, so go team. After that we headed to Brandon's parents house where we changed into our fun fun costumes. I was a witch, my mom made me the most adorable costume much fun. And Brandon, well he was one of the 12 year old Chinese Gymnasts from the Olympics...I have no idea where the idea came from and I apologize for one of the photos...but it must be posted because you won't get the full effect unless the warm-ups pants are off (I know it is disgusting, but I love him anyways). We had such a fun Halloween!! Hope everyone was safe and ate lots and lots of yummy treats and candy:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

...Happy Halloween...

We had the best weekend!! A bunch of us headed to Thanksgiving Point to walk through David A. It was so much fun!! It was huge and there was so much to do! We started out by going through this honestly scared me to death. After that we waited in line FOREVER to go through the David A. corn maze...I was scared out of my mind, especially when the chainsaw man kept coming around. Thankfully I had a death grip with Brandon on one side and Wade on the other. My favorite thing was coming out of the corn maze and the creature and then being blasted out by all of David A. hit songs:) It was a blast!! I highly recommend going in the next four days!!! Thank you everyone for making it so so much fun!!

...Weddings & Football...

Our great friends Sam & Schmieg tied the knot. A bunch of us girls got together for Sam's last single was so much fun!! We met at Hard Rock Cafe and opened naughty gifts:) After that we went the The Melting Pot for some yummy yummy dessert:
The next day we met up with Jenna and Dusty for the U football much fun, we won!! I also ran into my beautiful mother!!

...Brandon's Birthday...

We celebrated Brandon's birthday a week early due to the wedding. We had so much fun!! I love playing with Brandon. He had class that Saturday so I woke up, made him a fun cupcake tower, and decorated a little bit with some balloons. He was surprised, which made me so so happy (it was a week early). We headed off the the Body Works was so so cool!! After that we went to the Red Iguana (which was our first date location), and after met up with Wade and Schmieg to see Eagle Eye:) It was such a great night!! Happy 28th birthday a few weeks ago!! I LOVE your guts XOXOXO

...lots to cover...

I am going to apologize right off...I am going to post a few today to catch up. This is as close to a memory book as I have right now:) So here it goes.On October 11, 2008 was my beautiful mother's wedding!! She was simply gorgeous and glowing with made me so excited to see her like this:) The wedding was small with family, the ceremony was awesome, and the food was delicious. They had everything at the Joseph Smith Building and it was just beautiful!! Here are just a few pictures: I was so excited I got to walk her down the aisle...our hugging picture is priceless to me...LOVE IT!! I am so excited to have Ryan, Travis (ha ha finally by BRO), Brandon (other new bro), and McKell in my family.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 out Brandon...

Look out Brand...

So I found this funny site on Stac's blog and I have been having fun with it. Here is mine and Chris Brown's baby...guaranteed we would have BEAUTIFUL babies...these children are quite scary.

What do you think about my little new baby Jezzy? - What will your baby look like?

Here is mine and Brandon's child...heaven help us if this is what she comes out like:)

What do you think about my little new baby CeCe? - What will your baby look like?

Ha ha so fun...although it seems like every face is the same, non the less a good laugh:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008



The University of Utah just kicked Oregon's cute little behinds (I kept it PG) well not really kicked but they won...that is all that matters:) Go UTES!! blows...

So I am officially a state employee. I thoroughly enjoyed not working for the last two months...I know that it is selfish of me that I got to do whatever I wanted and spend the money we don't have, but I MISS IT!! Work will get better....4-10's will get better (just have to tell myself no FRIDAY)...shadowing for 5 months will get better (especially because I am now getting my last two months paid I already shadowed all summer long...and training for 9 weeks straight will get better:) Is that a good enough attitude!!!

And for those who know me really know how I have a particular addiction. Well my drug of choice was on fresh values so I felt the need to buy all that was on the shelf, which really wasn't many, only 3. It was on fresh value for 2 bucks instead of 8!! That is a deal:) Obviously since there was only 3 left other people use them too:)

...nnnnrrrr CRIMSON LINE KICKS...

I am so lucky that I was able to be on Crimson Line!! I absolutely LOVED it!! Oh and I am apologizing a head of time because I will be posting a few posts:) Anyways it was the University of Utah's homecoming last was so so FUN!! The festivities for me however began on Thursday night. We celebrated 20 years with Lori Rupp!! She honestly someone that I look up to and respect in so many ways. She has decided to retire from the U as the CL coach after 20 years...what a legacy she has. She has build a respectable and incredible program that I am so proud to say I was a part of:) I am very lucky to have her in my life and very very luck that I am still under her direction with NightLine. I wish her all of the luck in the world...she is incredible!! We had a party for her last Thursday at the Hilton where we were able to have an awesome fashion show from 20 years of costumes, we were able to come together as alumni, and most importantly we highlighted all that Lori has done for each of us and the U of U!! Thank you Lori!!!
Every homecoming CL is invited back to perform during is a BLAST!! We learn a dance the night before and then we perform it with the alumni band during homecoming haftime. I am so so happy when I am dancing...nothing beats dancing under the football lights, the HUGE crowd covered in red, and in Rice Eccles Stadium!! I cannot even describe the feeling of dancing...I just LOVE it!! I enjoyed being with old alumni and still seeing my little chicas from my last CL year dancing their hearts out. You will notice there are some killer poses where we are striking our "Stomp the Yard" we seemed to always do those poses to each other at basketball games. I had so so much fun and love being apart of the U and of CL!!