Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...it's been a long long time...

Wow!! I can't believe it has been this long since I have posted!! How time flies...I am trying to think of what has been going...lots of stuff. Drill Team basically consumes my life and now I am working at Pingree so I make a triangle of the SLC valley...WVC to Draper to Sugar House...fun stuff!! Our Summer was great! Most of July I was gone to Dance Camp, Dance Camp, an amazing adventure to Sun Valley, ID, and Lake Powell (my first time). Nothing really new is happening in our life's besides school! Brandon has class 3 nights a week and I have decided to bite off a little more and take 9 credits at SLCC so I can (cross your fingers) get into the MSW program at the University of Utah!! I guess I will just share some of my fun moments of the Summer...I have many, but just for documentation sake I will post about a few!! We always have a blast with friends...love them!!MMMM...where to begin. I think in my ripe old age of 24 (soon to be 25 WTH) I am slowly starting to lose my mind, memory, parts of my body that I didn't know existed have started to take shape, and to top it off...I have ACNE. I have never had acne. I stress about which probably causes more acne to appear and I pick the shiz out of my face...constantly!! Sorry for my brief off topic subject!! On to some of the Summer!!!

  • Well B-Dawg and myself celebrated our 2nd anniversary...it was so fun! We ate at Metropolitan, went on a carriage ride, and basically just had fun being together!! I am very lucky to have Brandon in my life and I sure love him like crazy!!
  • Sun Valley, ID. I LOVE it there! I am starting to look forward to this trip. We go every year with the Pro. dance company I am on. We get to have a little fun, be creative and interact with a fun fun crowd!! This year one of our dances was a Jungle Theme!! It was so much fun!! I was a bird...go JuLaine for putting together a awesome costume in like 2 days. She is quite amazing if I do say so myself!! This year some of the hot mama's on the team brought their children to participate...it was awesome!! I loved just spending time with the funniest group of girls...meeting LeBron James (highlight) and starting the drive home at 9:00 p.m. to be home in time to drive to LP the very next morning!! It was a blast!!
  • Went to Lake Powell for the very first time... was an idiot and didn't take my camera. It was very fun to play in the sand and sun!!
  • I have an awesome Drill Team that I have been spending so much time with. I love it, I think the world of them. They are probably way sick of seeing my face...we have been together ALOT!!
  • Another highlight of the Summer was deciding to apply to the MSW program AGAIN (damn Business grades) contacting the MSW director, having him tell me that I should take some Psych. classes, Soc classes, etc. Wonderful, welcome to College again. The best part of all of this is that I applied to SLCC two weeks ago on Saturday, was accepted that Tuesday, and registered for classes that Wednesday. That is a sweet deal!! The even better part of it is that I am taking a class called Intro to Sexuality...ha ha this will be graphic...WARNING...I got my book on Saturday. I went home to the LBC for the weekend and as my mom and I are sitting at Dixie Grill waiting for our food, I decided to take a gander at this Intro to Sexuality book since the cover has provocative arms on the cover...I just open the book, slip my finger into the unknown pages and BAAAAM I didn't see just one, not even just two, but three...count them 1 2 3 real life pictures of VAGINA'S (part of life I understand, just not what I was expecting)!! My heart raced because you see at the drive in at Dixie Grill the passenger can order and I was the passenger...scared for my life that these little high schoolers saw through their window what I just saw I closed the book as fast as I could. Then of course it peeked our crazy personalities of what was in this book...man, this class is going to be entertaining. I am kind of bummed out that it is online...so many posts I am sure to come about this fun class!!
Our Summer was full of fun...I will be glad when Brandon is out of school so we can actually go somewhere!! Well I am tired...this getting up at 4:50 a.m. everyday is hitting me right now...until next time, hopefully not a 3 month next time!! Hope all is well with everyone out there!!