Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, I have a pretty exciting job...that I LOVE most days. I teach Pre-School to children with Autism. Children amaze me everyday...they are so happy (well you know...most min. of the day), positive (for the most part), silly, excited about everything, and most of all CREATIVE. Today we were out on the playground when this darling little girl that I just love was hanging off the playground equipment...let me script our conversation:)

Me: Rebecca stop hanging off that ledge.

Rebecca: (ignoring me like I am not directly behind her)

Me: Rebecca please stop hanging off that ledge.

Rebecca: (still ignoring me, but I get a little bit of a stink eye from her)

Me: Rebecca you NEED to stop hanging off that ledge. (The program that these children follow is very strict you give them 3 commands in hopes that they follow the first general command...once you say NEED you have to physically prompt them away form whatever they are doing...that is why I have all those random commands)

Rebecca: (she comes towards me STOMPING with her hands in little balls of furry wrapped tightly around her body)

Me: Rebecca you need to go play somewhere else...

Rebecca: (interrupting me) MEGHAN!! YOU ARE WORSE THAN SATAN!!

Me: (laughing my head off)

Rebecca: I am very upset with you!! I have hung off the ledge before...I am telling my mommy...

Needless to say...we made up and she still loves me. I love that she is only 4 years old and I am still laughing that she came up with that!! Kids are so creative!! I am bummed that I made her so mad, but I honestly think it was one of the funniest things I have ever heard!! The children that I work with make me a better person everyday!! I love them and look up to them...they may only be 3, 4, and 5 years old but they have the most amazing outlook on life and teach me to live everyday to the fullest. Their families are so incredibly special and everyday I admire their strength, optimism, and pride!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

...pardon my very LONG LONG post...

I have SO SO much to catch up on! So I apologize for all of this info:) So I will try to do this in some what of an order...

Valentine's Day: We had such an amazing LOVE DAY, but of course I didn't take any pictures except for one (I am a moron, but that is ok). We headed to Park City in the scary weather and went shopping...of course Brandon found stuff...I struggle sometimes:) After we shopped around we went around Main Street to kill some time before dinner...we enjoyed changing in the car, we seem to always change in the car (the day we got married, we stripped down to change into our lunch outfit in the temple parking lot TMI probably, nothing happened sick minds:)) and we headed to the best restaurant in the world RUTH'S CHRIS...yum!! yum!! I love my meat (Sorry Kort). We then headed home and relaxed!! Such a great day...thank you!!!Week Stuff: We have the cute puppies right now...they were looking a little ghetto so they got a beautiful hair cut:) The first picture is the before and the second is the after...
Friday was BEAUTIFUL so I packed the children up (AKA puppies) and headed to Sugar House Park!! It was so fun and I loved having the sun shining:) Once Brandon got home from work we were off to a wedding reception than went bowling!! And yes there is another picture of us changing in the car:)Saturday...was an experience to say the least. I tried snowboarding:) It was so freaking hard and I was very very frustrated. I honestly sat and pouted numerous times because I could not stay up...I was getting out boarded by little 4 year olds that kept passing me. I get a little upset when I don't get things the first time...but the weather was BEAUTIFUL and I ended up watching people while Brandon went and took some runs by himself...I tried:) Sunday morning I was so so SORE and had random bruises all over my body!! It was fun though, I will stick to skiing:)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

...woot woot...

I have used my nose drops 2 times in the last 29 hours!!! RECORD!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...PUSH IT...

Ok, I am OBSESSED with the biggest loser. I have never watched it until this season and I truly truly LOVE it!! I watch it writing down random exercises that they do...with the intentions of doing them myself (we will see). I never watch the show without crying...I feel like I know these people, I am LAME I know!! Tonight's episode was FANTASTIC...seeing others truly care for one another is the best thing about this show...I am scared when they actually start playing the "game."Anywho the reason for this awhile back I said that I love is true I still do I am verging on obsessed (not really) but we did download her Wii fit blows, but it was brought to my attention from some very good friends that she is on exercise TV on demand. Yes she is:) The workout is about 25-30 min it was awesome, I tried it, sweated to death and remained on the floor watching a good 10 min of it. GO AND TRY IT!! If I were on the biggest loser she would murder me!! I respect those contestants there is no way...NO WAY I could do the things they are doing they blow me away and I think it is an INCREDIBLE opportunity!!! I am a WUSS and I am going to try harder:)

That is all...nothing really important to say...Except Chris Brown was in my dreams on Saturday night and he is really sorry for everything that he has done, he told me because we were in school together??? (I am not defending, I just LOVE him and I am very very sad and upset with him) Oh and one more thing...I watched American Idol in about 3 min...just listened to them begin their songs...I think it kind of blows, except for Danny he is so good...better luck to the remaining contestants:)

Sunday, February 15, 2009 is time... is only the middle of Feb. so I think starting on my new years resolution is very do-able!!! I am going to finally kick the habit...

see you later


see ya



It's going to be rough...but I know I can do it (hopefully) its almost a...holy cats...SEVEN year addiction. It all started at Drill Camp 2002...what the heck, time flies!! Dang allergies!!!

If I get over this addiction I am going to buy me one of these as a treat....My Volvo XC90 in white or the metallic red!! Brandon doesn't know that yet...but I think it is well deserved, he should understand:)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

...yea love...

...I LOVE my husband...