Monday, January 25, 2010

...december 2009...

This month was INSANE!! As most of you know I coach the Drill Team at JDCHS!! I love them..they are awesome. I could not ask for a better team!! We started competitions this month and man was it so much fun!! We headed to the Jordan "Beet" Classic where we took 1st in Hip Hop 3rd in Dance & Kick and 5th in Military!! We were beyond excited!! It was so much fun!!! These girls have the most amazing families & school!! I love it there!! And look how cute their outfits are made by my favorite person every Chels!!!The last day of Pre-School we had a Christmas Party and who better than to bring gifts than Santa Claus right...yes I was Santa...yes I scared the living crap out of every child but one sweet, sweet boy that told me over and over again that he wanted cars...yes one of the little angels recognized me as soon as I came in the classroom!! It was I can cross that off my list:)
Oh Chrismas!! How I love you!! Brandon and I enjoyed having time off of work and school!! We are down to 1 more semester and B will have is MBA...I am such a proud wife!! LOVE HIM!! We hung out...Brandon skiied A LOT!! I thought it would be fun to make silouettes of the children for my family...ha ha that was a lot more work than I thought, but they turned out so fun!! I also cleaned out my closet...even more fun then making silouettes!!!My family came down from New Jersey and we just had an amzing time spending time together!! We spent Christmas Eve with Brandon's awesome family and then drove down to the LBC where we opened up our Christmas PJ's, lit the luminaires, and fell fast asleep!! We awoke to the best idea ever...provided by my stepdad!! We hadn't had out traditional PJ picture so he suggested we go to 7-11 and get some hot cocoa and so we did (my mother dragging her feet) There we were in 7-11 bright and early with our PJ's on and big smiles!!! What a memory...haha I loved every second of it!!
We enjoyed a delicious Christmas meal and soaked in all of our time together!! I love my family!!!I know that much more went on this month...but I am 25 now so I am losing my marbles!!


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Amy! said...

YAY for an update!!! You look like a rockstar in the pic with Abby and Josh (I think that's his name?!!).. Seriously, LOVE LOVE that haircut on you... You make me want bangs again!

P.S. You are TINY TINY.. Lets go get a burger!!! ha... LOVE YOU :)