Sunday, April 20, 2008 last...

Our yard is DONE!!! I am so excited, it looks so good. Brandon did such an amazing job, he is so talented and I am so proud of him!! His friends came out to lay sod which I thank them so very much, he has an amazing group of buddies:) That is about all that we did this weekend besides I had to study for my last final...YEA...Hope you enjoy 85 million pictures of our yard, I thought I need to showcase what a great job Brandon did!! Enjoy:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It has been a CRAZY few weeks! I am so happy that there is only one left:) The past two weeks have been dedicated to the yard. Brandon has done an amazing job on it and I can't wait for SATURDAY because it will be DONE!!! I have one final left on Monday and then two weeks tomorrow until I GRADUATE, I can't believe that. I am so sad to leave because I have met some amazing and wonderful people in the Social Word department...I pray that I will cross paths with them. So far this week Brandon and I have gone to an awards dinner, worked on the yard, worked on the yard, and worked on the stinkin' yard:) but last night we watched Juno...I LOVE that movie, I don't know why, but I really do! And on Thursday SHAKE N' BAKE is back and ready to dominate in softball...

So over the weekend on top of planting 33 shrubs and 15 trees we had both Lily and Lexie at our house. Those dogs are nuts...they are like children. They have SO much stuff,they fight over things, they cry, they wake you up at least 4 times during the night, they have to fed, you have to watch their every move in case they choose to let us know they have to go out and pee or if it would just be easier to do it on the carpet...silly girls they are, but we are missing them like crazy. The loved the top soil that was everywhere and because of that I had to buy new pillowcases and they got baths 3 nights in a row...Lexie who is only like8 weeks old HATES baths! Finally Sunday afternoon it was so warm outside we decided to go on a motorcycle ride through the gosh some of the houses in there are beautiful!!

This blog was a jumbled mess...but that is the state of mind I am in!! All is well with us. We are just lovin life and cannot wait for May 7 to board the plane to DISNEY WORLD for our 1 year anniversary...I can't believe that:)

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have been tagged by little we go:)

TEN YEARS AGO...I was 13. I was in 7th grade and Amy and I were joined at the hip. I believe that Danny Jeppsen was my boyfriend. I was driving 3 times a week to Logan to was my life:)

FIVE THINGS ON MY TO-DO LIST... 1. Well I accomplished a big one today while "listening" to conference (shh) I have a HUGE group presentation due. 2. Prepare an award presentation for BSW graduation 3. Attend 2 different meetings tomorrow at the school 4. Go to dance practice early and practice my mad tapping skills:) 5. Attend a fundraiser for Crimson Line (if you are busy on Tuesday April 8 come to Noodles and Co. on 4th south anywhere between 5-9. 25% of the sales will go to their scholarship fund.

FIVE PLACES I HAVE LIVED...1. Brigham City 2. University of Utah Housing 3. Foothill Place (whoot whoot) 4. SUGAR HOUSE (my favorite) 5. West Valley (west side) I have only lived in Brigham and Salt Lake...

THREE BAD HABITS...1. I bite my nails 2. I pout when I don't get my way 3. I can't say "No" to anything

FIVE JOBS I HAVE HAD...1. Express 2. W Models 3. Bountiful High School 4. Zions Bank 5. Carmen B. Pingree center for children with autism

IF I WAS SUDDENLY A BILLIONAIRE...I would buy myself the most beautiful Range Rover. Buy my mother, grandmother, and aunt a nice prize. I would buy Brandon a Nascar car and driver, build the most beautiful house, start a foundation for foster children over the age of 18, and just save and spend on whatever I wanted:)

FIVE THINGS I ENJOY...1. Brandon 2. My cute family 3. Dancing/coaching 4. Inventing whatever I can 5. Just living

FIVE THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME... 1. I believe in happily ever afters ( I honestly live through movies) 2. I had no idea that nation and the united states were the same thing (just learned about a month ago) 3. I organized an event for Title 1 schools to participate in a trick or treat extravaganza 4. I danced on the U of U during the time of Alex Smith and Andrew Bogut ( i was in love with Alex Smith and yes I made myself available for him...he called me a couple of times:) 5. I hung out at Karl Malone's house and attended his retirement "roast"

This video is HILARIOUS. It was suppossed to be a picture, but the girl taking it had it on video mode. It is barley a second long we (crimson line) all said it was our "first" home video together. I know you had to be there, it was really funny. Brandon lets me joke about Alex Smith. Brandon knows that I love him more than ANYTHING:) This tag just made me think back on this game and how much fun college is...thought I would share.


We were able to play with my Dani this weekend!! Brandon's work has season tickets to the Jazz and our day was on friday against the Spurs. It was a really fun fun game and Dani and I had a chance to catch up on things. Jonathan and Dani are amazing and they are very good friends of mine. I was glad Brandon was able to sit and talk with them and see how GREAT they are!!

I can't believe that I only have 3 more weeks of school and I am literally DONE:) I am so excited. All kinds of great things are happening right now, hopefully I can learn to balance them all out:)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My cute cute husband was accepted into the University of Utah's Professional Masters Program in Business!! I am so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life; he has so much drive and dedication...I love his guts:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hold On...

I was just watching the news and felt overcome with emotion about the tragedy of 7 year old Hser Nay Moo. I am not a mother yet, but my heart was broken with the news. I feel scared to know this keeps happening. These are the times that really test our commitment as humans, I hope that we arise to the occasion and continue to unite together. Brandon was around the 2100 South area today where he watched numerous volunteers searching in behalf of her, I admire all of those who helped in the effort and I feel terrible that I did not volunteer myself. I guess I need to be an example and follow through, with what I hope, we as humans will arise to.

My thoughts, prayers, and compassion are with their family at this time...