Sunday, May 10, 2009

...729 days almost 730...this will be a novel...sorry

I can't believe that Brandon and I have almost been married for TWO YEARS!! Where did the time has been such a great ride so far, I am SO SO excited to see what is in store for us. I love him to pieces and I just can't get enough of him:) When we were driving home from Mother's Day dinner tonight I was thinking back to 2 years ago to May 10 and what we were doing, how I was feeling blah blah. It is crazy how I can pretty much remember the entire night for my memory booking purposes you can take a little stroll down memory lane with me (sorry all in good fun). So this could be a jumbled mess...but it is my fun mess of the night before our wedding...
I remember we had to have his motorcycle at my sugarhouse house (shedding a tear right now because I miss that place so much) so I rode with him to his parents house where we left his truck drove the motorcycle back to SLC parked it at my place so Tyler (B's little brother) would be able to drive it to the Huntsman Hospital for our departure after the reception. Brandon was left without a car so bless his heart he got to deal with me and all of my anxiety:) We took the SAAB to the Marriott Hotel where my family and myself would be staying, parked it, loaded my mom's 4Runner and headed to The Point where we dropped off all of the pictures, the candy bar, my mother's awesome table runners...pretty much we dropped off everything. At this point I was scared to death...not to get married, but I was scared if the reception was going to be pretty or not!!! We got back to the Marriott where my entire family was waiting anxiously to head to dinner...We enjoyed a nice dinner at PF Changs (where I don't think I ate much) and then walked back to the hotel...realizing Brandon did not have a car.
We offered to drive him back like 1000 times but he insisted that he would ride trax??? SERIOUSLY Brandon!!! It was late!! And we would NEVER let him do that...silly boy!! Well we were about to drive him home when his dad called and was still at work at the wee hours of the night so he picked his first born baby boy up:) We said our goodbye's (kiss kiss). I headed up to our room where everyone was hanging out...somehow everyone slowly disappeared and we headed to bed. My cute Abby stayed in our room where she literally rubbed and tickled my back for however long Stomp the Yard is on (yes that was the movie I chose to have my Mom and Grandma buy over the TV to calm my nerves and YES I still LOVE Chris Brown) to this day I am so thankful for my sweet Abby for being so nice and for my mom and grandma staying up with me to watch Stomp the Yard:) Somehow I fell asleep and remember going and laying next to my mother just thinking about our amazing journey together (me & my mom) and how excited we were to gain another member in our family!!!
I wondered all morning if Brandon would be there when I got there...I got ready all on my own because I knew I would be too nervous to have anybody touching me (you know when you could do something over about your wedding...this would be it. I should have been spoiled and had somebody do my hair and make-up...oh well such as life, I am the type that it would have stressed me out) So fast forwarding through everyone getting ready together:) We are very late to the Temple where bless his heart Brandon had thought I bailed!! It makes me sad because I don't really remember much of our wedding day, I mean I do, but I don't...does that make sense?? I do remember changing my clothes for the lunch in the Temple parking lot where I was through my sun roof while Brandon tried to get my enormous slip off...I bet that was fun for all the Temple goers that day:) I do remember how incredible the day was (although hot) it is something very special that I will...well actually I think about it all of the time!! Our wedding day was beautiful we could not have asked for a better day. Our ring ceremony was awesome...we had the love and support of our family and friends. It was a celebration...we danced, laughed, DANCED some more, and just enjoyed being together!!! Our past 2 years have been very special and fun!! Brandon has made me a better person and to quote my new favorite musical..."Because I knew you...I have been changed for good". Sappy I know...but I love the guy:) Happy 2 years!!!

***If you made it through all of that you are quite a trooper*** I just found this picture and it makes me laugh so hard. On CL you get to do a dance with you dad at the end of the year. YES...Brandon was my daddy:)

...defy gravity...

Brandon and I have been so busy!! My mom scored us some Wicked tickets a few weeks ago...all I can say is that I was truly touched (literally the CD has not left my car since I downloaded it on April 30 which was the day after I saw it) !!! I think it is the best musical I have seen, I wish I could live in the world of Oz:) "It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes....and LEAP"
Also today is Mother's Day!! WOOT WOOT. We just had a great and special day with our mothers and grandmothers. We had a wonderful breakfast with Brandon's family. We are so lucky to have incredible mothers in our life after spending some time with Brandon's mother who I love and think the world of we headed to dinner with my family!! I love celebrating our mothers, grandmothers...all the women that made us who we are today!! I love my mama to pieces...she is the best!! I have 3 very special women in my mother, my "G" or grandma, and my Auntie Tara Jo!! These women have made me who I am today and I just love them to the moon and back:) This day is to you!!!